Temper, Temper: An Effective Strategy to Conquer Your Anger and Hostility

It's Time to Change the Way We Think About Mental Illnesses

This Book Helped Me Better Understand My Spouse and Also Myself

“This book helped me better understand my spouse and also myself. Especially the hypoglycemia portion. Now I am better prepared and try and plan so that I can avoid stressful situations…”

S. Baddour
Format: Paperback

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This Was a Fabulous Read

“This was a fabulous read. Dr. Skaer is very knowledgeable. If you have unexplained anger issues, this book is a must read. In this book, Dr. Skaer discusses how biology affects anger, and how the biological and psychological interact to make you angrier. If you are looking for remedies for anger management, you will find this book extremely educational. Thank you, Dr. Skaer.”

M. Hourihan,
Format: Kindle Edition

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A Must-Read If You Have Anger Issues

“Written by a psychologist with experience dealing with anger issues, this book brought to light many biological causes for anger. I have severe anger and mood swings, and bought it because none of the counselors or psychologists I have been to over the years have been able to help me. Right away, I decided to try what the chapter on hypoglycemia had to offer (it also mentioned migraines, so definitely an issue for me!).

After using the methods suggested, I woke up this morning with no trace of the headache I usually have, and managed to not be angry even after I was woken up way too early! Normally, being woken up prompts a lot of yelling, throwing things, etc., so I was very grateful to finally have a calm morning! The book is well-written, very informative, and has helpful examples. A must-read for anyone with anger issues!”

M. Stafford,
Format: Paperback

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“What you don’t know about anger can make you angry!” Find out what you don’t know about anger in this short, enjoyable book. Don’t be a victim any longer.

Anger has many faces: hostility, aggression, conflict, and domestic violence, to name a few. This book is for people affected by anger, whether their own or others’. It will introduce you to causes of anger that few understand.

Over the years, we’ve learned how and when to be angry, but not all anger is due to learning. There are actually many biological causes of anger. In Temper, Temper, Dr. Dave Skaer, Ph.D. Psychology, explains how you can identify these causes, and provides insight on how to correct the resulting anger. He also shares many fascinating counseling cases, plus findings from the medical literature.

Many people don’t know or understand the impact their physical state has on their moods. In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How your biology affects your anger
  • How to remedy the problem that makes you angry
  • How the biological and the psychological interact to throw fuel on the fire

Dr. Skaer has a heart for helping those with anger problems because he experienced biologically induced anger in his own life. He didn’t discover how biology affected his anger while getting his Ph.D. in psychology; instead, he learned it from his wife. After he experienced a few disturbing outbursts, she suggested a possible physiological problem—and she was right! He changed this one, simple thing, and his temper issue was resolved. As you might expect, his family was much happier. This experience motivated him to help others with their temper problems.

Realizing there might be other biological causes of aggression and impatience, he began researching medical journals and applied this knowledge to his counseling practice. Clients would come in for psychological help but would receive a short education on the biology of anger instead. At first, many didn’t believe the “cure,” but these clients were pleasantly surprised as they corrected their anger problems. You, too, might find these causes unusual as you read this book, but Dr. Skaer knows that you’ll appreciate the results. Being a calmer, less angry person will help improve your life and the lives of those around you.

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About the Author: Dr. David H. Skaer

Dr. Skaer received his Ph.D., Psychology from the University of Miami (FL) but like most people, has learned much after college; he wants to share those “learnings” with others. After suffering a severe bout with depression from a medical problem (the flu), he learned how many physical problems could cause what are too often called “mental problems.” He also learned his temper had a biological contributor. Both problems led to research on the biological causes of mental illnesses and anger. He is endeavoring to provide help to others with both of his books. After having migraines since childhood, he finally figured out how to stop them and will share that information soon. So, sometimes negatives can turn into positives. His goal is to provide these findings at a reasonable cost so anyone can benefit.