What is Daith Piercing and How Does it Help Migraines?

By Migraines

Do you need another hole in your head? Will an earring in the right spot help with your migraines?

Daith Piercing is like acupuncture except the ring stays in your ear; in acupuncture, the therapist removes the needles. If Daith works, it would be “better” than acupuncture because you can’t always find an acupuncturist when you need one such as 7:00 am, 7:00 pm, or 2:00 am. The piercing is still with you, unlike your acupuncturist.

Why would anyone have their ear pierced for a headache? People who don’t have migraines have difficulty empathizing with us who do. We’ll try anything that’s reasonable and some things that aren’t.  So, I think there are two main reasons others have trouble with us migraineurs:

(1) They don’t realize how severe and debilitating migraines are. They have a headache, take two aspirin, and the rascals go away. Migraines aren’t so cooperative.

(2) They think we’re ridiculous for the treatments we may try. As I said, we migraineurs will try almost anything. We search for food effects (that never worked for me, but it does for some), weather fluctuations (I couldn’t make any connection; others do), sleep schedule (not for me), and a bunch more you may have tried or, at least, read about.

I have “migraine with aura” (the zigzagged lines are my particular type); fortunately, I learned to stop them, so no more headaches since 1992. I still get the zigzagged aura for half an hour, but the pain never hits. Did my clients think the technique was weird-sounding? Yes. But, when you believe you might avoid a migraine, it’s worth a try. And it was.

A good question:  “Is Daith Piercing worth a try? I’d try it if I still got migraines. There are cautions with the procedure—read up on it and best wishes. Check these three websites and Google it, too.

https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317637.php  This site has a bunch of information including the cautions.


This individual started this site for those whom medications aren’t the answer as was his case. The website has interesting information on various non-medical items that benefit certain people. Offers a report on Daith Piercing which might prove helpful for many. He cites research and a caveat.

https://migraine.com/living-migraine/my-experience-daith-piercing/ Interesting article by someone who tried Daith Piercing.

To choose style while avoiding migraines (if it works for you), check out this site. It also gives plenty of instructions. https://www.piercingeasily.com/daith-piercing/

If you have “migraine with aura” (zigzagged lines only), get your name on our email list. We are trying to make this treatment available in late 2018.