Could it Be B12?

Pacholok, S.M., & Stuart, J.J. (2011) Could It Be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses (2nd ed). Fresno: Quill Driver Books.

Everyone should read this incredible book. Vitamin B-12 affects many of us elderly, but it can also affect child development, and mimic schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, MS, and more. Many folks could spend $36 a year on B-12 rather than on expensive medications trying to cure some mental illness. Of course, a person has to be low in B-12 to get help; however, the authors point out that a typical lab says a low level is “normal.” It is not. A normal test result should be at least 450. The lab I use reports 200 as normal. Bad advice. The authors give the latest tests for assessing B-12 deficiency. One problem they cite is that many doctors are not aware of how common this issue is.

In my practice (counseling), I’ve helped several folks who did not understand what was causing their problems. B-12 corrected many of those issues. This avoided being treated for schizophrenia, being placed in a nursing home (mimicking senility), social phobia, and other “miracles.”

I was thinking of writing a book on B-12 deficiency; however, the authors’ book fulfills everything I would have said and more. Thus, I can relax and not write it; procrastination is one of my strong points. Thanks so much to the authors; I hope many folks read this book. It should be a best seller and, more importantly, it could be a life changer.

I loved this book and I believe you will. The authors cover so many illnesses related to Vitamin B-12—from the young to the old—that no one should miss it.