Cool it with the “Migraine Hat,” or “The Headache Hat!”

By Migraines

I would have loved one of these when I was a child. All I knew was to put a cool rag on my head and retreat to a darkened bedroom. I was thankful when I’d fall asleep for a few hours.

Want to watch the originator of one to show to use it? She’s on Facebook and explains it well. Nice. She explains how to wear it and how to replace the gel packs. Her website is

Check it out at

These hats are available on Amazon and relatively inexpensive. There are other wearables, too, but the reviews for these are impressive. Okay, they won’t eliminate a migraine, but it reduces the pain, so it’s worthwhile. Tammy Rome believes these might prevent migraines caused by overheating. Tammy offers many reviews. Check out her review at

If you’ve look around, you’ll find many wearables that appear helpful, and I’m not denigrating them. These two appear easy to wear and effective.

There’s a onetime cost unlike many treatments like GammaCore, Botox, and others. Those treatments work differently. The Migraine Hat is palliative and a one-time purchase.

One entrepreneur told me the trouble with my treatment for “migraine with aura” (not common migraine) doesn’t allow for repeat sales. Once you learn the technique, you have it forever.  I don’t care—I want to help folks; besides, I’m old and who knows how much longer I have before I leave this world. Benefitting migraineurs whom I’ll never meet is a great reward.

If you have “migraine with aura,” get on the mailing list. Looking forward to releasing it late this year (2018). Sorry, but it takes time to get all the wheels running.