Coffee is Bad Good For You

Davis, Robert J. (2012). Coffee is Bad good for You. New York: Perigee.

A fun book to make you think about nutrition “facts.” The author has good education degrees and experience writing nutrition articles.  He should be a good judge of what’s good, bad, and in between in the health arena. It’s an easy read and should hold your attention although not everyone agrees with him (see other reviews for proof of that). I believe the negative reviews may relate to issues Davis is trying to clear up or, at least, question. He admits that research may change his views such as coffee research has. In the introduction, he explains the various research approaches which are solid and which are open to speculation. This part is a must read to understand good and iffy research. I need to share his research pyramid with my college, psychology students.

For each topic, he provides a truth scale (from his perspective) from “Yes” to “Half True” to “No” to “Inconclusive.” Regarding nutrition, people have strong beliefs too often based on iffy research.  In the “Conclusion” he gives ten helpful tips for evaluating diet and nutrition claims—valuable information.

I don’t agree with everything he purports, but most of it fits my research. You can Google his topics and see what researchers say. Be careful of websites with agendas. If you want to be a tad more scientific in your search, check out PubMed and read the medical articles. As he points out, sound research is difficult to do; I’ll add that not everything in PubMed will give you the final word either.

I obviously liked the book and recommend it most highly, especially if you don’t have several preconceived views. If you have the belief of “I’m open-minded,” I think you’ll like it, too.