Depression, Anxiety, & Other Mental Illnesses Caused By Medical Diseases: It's Not All In Your Head

It's Time to Change the Way We Think About Mental Illnesses

An Excellent Forum to Discuss the Interconnectedness of Mental and Physical …

Dr Boo, as his students affectionately call him, has found an excellent forum to discuss the interconnectedness of mental and physical diseases. In this short, and easy to read book…”

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Depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses affect millions of people. Unfortunately, many suffer needlessly because mental health professionals have misdiagnosed the causes of these mental illnesses. In fact, your mental illness might be a nasty side effect of a medical problem.

The idea isn’t new, but few pursue it. Psychiatrists and therapists will generally assume your problem is a psychological one. Treatment is usually talk therapy (counseling) or medication to adjust your “chemical imbalance.” After all, you sought help for a mental illness, so they might not check for a medical cause. And medical illnesses often affect mental state long before anyone would suspect a medical problem, so you need to know all you can about these medical illnesses which affect us mentally.

Once you understand a medical issue is the culprit, you can seek the help of a medical doctor. Treat the medical problem, and the medical AND mental problems disappear.

In Depression & Other Mental Illnesses caused by Medical Diseases, you’ll find an easygoing, approachable, and even humorous read. Dr. Dave Skaer shares compelling case studies from his years of counseling and plenty of support from the medical literature.
Dr. Skaer experienced severe depression following a bout with the flu back in the 1970s. Despite having a Ph.D. in psychology, he didn’t know the flu could lead to depression. But a little research revealed that not only does the flu cause depression, it also causes other psychological problems. It opened his eyes to how important the physical state is to one’s mental condition. A few weeks later, one of his counselees asked, “How many biological illnesses are there that cause mental issues?”

The question motivated Dr. Skaer to search the medical literature. That’s when he discovered other physical problems causing mental complications. Later, while working in a psychiatric hospital, he came across more medical issues that had resulted in depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and even schizophrenia. Once the doctors treated the medical problems, the psychological symptoms vanished, giving patients a new lease on life.

This book will help you understand:

  • The many physical causes of mental illnesses
  • The symptoms of medical diseases to look for
  • How to speak to your doctor to get the help you need
  • How to conduct proper research to be more knowledgeable and aid your doctor in finding the correct diagnosis
  • How to say goodbye to the so-called mental problem and recover your self-esteem, good family times, and better attitude toward work and life

If you or a loved one has depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or any other mental illness and typical treatment just isn’t working, this book is for you.

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About the Author: Dr. David H. Skaer

Dr. Skaer received his Ph.D., Psychology from the University of Miami (FL) but like most people, has learned much after college; he wants to share those “learnings” with others. After suffering a severe bout with depression from a medical problem (the flu), he learned how many physical problems could cause what are too often called “mental problems.” He also learned his temper had a biological contributor. Both problems led to research on the biological causes of mental illnesses and anger. He is endeavoring to provide help to others with both of his books. After having migraines since childhood, he finally figured out how to stop them and will share that information soon. So, sometimes negatives can turn into positives. His goal is to provide these findings at a reasonable cost so anyone can benefit.